Professor Piccaluga Visits the University of Nairobi

Prof. Piccaluga and Department Chair Dr. Mureithi

Professor Pier Paolo Piccaluga paid a courtesy visit to Department Chair Dr. Marianne Mureithi on the 24th of July 2023.

Prof. Piccaluga, MD, PhD an Associate Professor at the Department of Medical & Surgical Sciences, conducted the visit as part of his continued efforts as a visiting Professor in the University of Nairobi, as part of the Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology. Masters students within the department were given a lecture on Understanding and Addressing Non-Communicable Childhood Diseases: A focus on Burkitt's Lymphoma as part of their ongoing studies.

Speaking of Prof. Piccaluga's visit Department Chair Dr. Mureithi said, "This visit highlights our Department's commitment in strengthening our relationships with our global partners. Professor Piccaluga has provided an annual lecture on Vaccine Technology for our Masters students over the last two years and we have spoken in detail on how we can potentially establish a research network to look into the relationship between lymphomas and HIV, EBV and arboviruses in addition to providing opportunities for our staff and post graduate students."

Also present in the meeting was Cancer Biology Researcher George Ichoho who coordinates and instructs the Molecular Biology module for Masters students in the department. He stated, "The efforts of the department to collaborate with researchers from all over the world to improve our understanding of cancer caused by infectious diseases is promising and We hope this research will have a direct impact within the region."

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