Building Capacity For Writing Scientific Manuscripts: Call For Applications - 2023

Manuscript Writing

At the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) of the University of Nairobi, "UANDISHI-Building Capacity for Writing Scientific Manuscripts" is an innovative and immersive training program in mentoring and scientific manuscript writing designed to build capacity for writing scientific manuscripts (UoN). This course  Complements previous FHS/UoN training programs and is hosted by the KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research and lead by Dr Gloria Omosa of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. This is an announcement for applicants (Mentors) for a Mentors-in-Training in Scientific Manuscript Writing course from February to June 2023. Each Mentor-in-Training will give organized mentorship to one or two mentees while they build a manuscript and finally submit it to a peer-reviewed publication. The program will consist of three seminars as well as mentoring for mentee.

The Mentorship Workshop (February-March 2023) will equip mentors-in-training with mentoring expertise and familiarize them with scientific writing learning tools and resources.

Scientific Writing Workshop (March 2023): In this interactive workshop for building/enhancing manuscript-writing knowledge and skills of mentees, mentors-in-training will have opportunity for experiential training on mentoring.

Mentoring phase (April-May 2023): With academic help, each Mentor will guide one or two mentees to write a comprehensive manuscript; approximately two hours per week.

Peer evaluation of manuscripts (June 2023): Peer review of papers based on experience and guided writing.

Applicants must be academic/research staff from FHS with experience in scientific writing and publishing, as evidenced by the publication of at least five scientific manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, with at least two of these publications being research articles with the applicant as the first author.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor-in-Training, please submit your application via the link below and include the required supporting materials: Include a one- to two-page resume and a list of your publications.

The application deadline is January 15, 2023.