Visit to the Institute for Primate Research (IPR) Kenya

Members of the University of Nairobi, KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research & Northwestern University visit IPR, Kenya

Members of the department undertook a visit to the Institute for Primate Research in Kenya led by Chair of the department Dr. Marianne Mureithi and Senior Researcher  Prof. Omu Anzala. They were joined by Dr. Kariuki Njanaake, Dr. Robert Langat and Dr. Terry Muhomah of KAVI – Institute of Clinical Research, all of the University of Nairobi, and Prof. Thomas Hope and Dr. Anne-Marie Carias from Northwestern University.

The team participated in collaborative discussions with the leadership of the Institute, and the goal was to discuss future collaborations between the institutions in HIV Vaccine Research. At the IPR, the team met with Dr. Atunga Nyachieo, the IPR Chief Scientist and other scientists and staff within the Institute. Ongoing programs, available resources and facilities, procedures for engaging scientists within the IPR, and protocols for setting up contracts with other institutions were discussed during these meetings.

The Institute of Primate Research, a part of the National Museums of Kenya, performs field and laboratory studies on various primates on-site in Kenya and focuses on conservation biology, reproductive health and biology, infectious diseases, and animal sciences and care.


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