AC3 Consortium Meeting

AC3 Consortium Meeting at the KAVI-ICR Boardroom

On 2 November 2022, Prof. Camille Ragin led a team from The African Caribbean Cancer Consortium (AC3) on a courtesy visit to KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research. They met with Professor Omu Anzala, Dr. Marianne Mureithi, Dr. Daniel Muema, and Dr. Kariuki Njaanake to discuss various collaboration and partnership opportunities in Cancer Research.


AC3 coordination occurs at the Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) in Philadelphia, U.S.A. It is a National Cancer Institute-Epidemiology and Genetic Research Program (NCI-EGRP) consortium established in 2006 to address cancer disparities by advancing the study of viral, genetic, environmental, and lifestyle cancer risk factors in populations of African descent.  The Team is comprised of a large and diverse network of approximately 150 inter-disciplinary collaborators in the United States, seventeen Caribbean, and seven African nations. Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone are among the African nations. This innovative networked Team has had and will continue to significantly impact the etiology, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer in Black populations worldwide. Members of the local scientific community are drawn from institutions such as The University of Nairobi, KEMRI, KNH, Kenyatta University, Mt Kenya University, and MP Shah.

The Consortium has held conferences, training, workshops, and mentoring programs for its members over the past few years. In Kenya, it is currently implementing a number of Multi-Institutional Projects. Currently, the University of Nairobi is implementing one of these Projects, the IRONMAN Prostate Cancer, which the Department of Surgery hosts in conjunction with the Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology.