Mission, Vision, Core Values

A centre of excellence for training and research in medical microbiology.
To train quality healthcare professionals to carry out creative, innovative and inventive research, and provide reliable diagnostic services in the field of medical microbiology.
Core Values
   1. We shall uphold truth, integrity, honesty, tolerance, and accountability as our guiding principles.
   2. We pledge to promote creative, innovative and inventive research in medical microbiology to benefit all
   3. Meritocracy and teamwork in research and practice shall be our hallmark.
   4. We shall nurture responsible professionalism through a culture of mentorship.
   5. We shall promote gender sensitivity in training, research and practice.
   6. We shall practice good management of resources in training and research.

  1. Human resource
   o To recruit, train and maintain adequate, well motivated and trained staff in order to cope with the rising number of students and the continued development of the department.

  2. Research
   o To initiate, promote, develop and sustain quality innovative research protocols in medical microbiology.
   o To enhance collaborations and links with other organizations of higher learning and the industry.

  3. Training
    o To train and continually review and develop curricula that meet the needs and expectations of customers,   and make them relevant and adaptable to the changing needs in the discipline of microbiology.