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1. The Patent Disclosed is an immunogen in sterile form Suitable for administration to a human Subject, the immunogen comprising: at least a portion of the gag protein of HIV, said gag protein being from an HIV clade or having a consensus sequence for one or more HIV clades, and comprising at least parts of p17 and p24; and a synthetic polypeptide comprising a plurality of amino acid sequences, each sequence comprising a human CTL epitope of an HIV protein, and wherein a plurality of HIV proteins are represented in the synthetic polypeptide, said CTL epitopes being selected to stimulate an immune response to one or more HIV clades of interest.

Patent number: US 7993651 B2

2. It is hereby certified that a patent with patent number KE 985 has been granted to: SILK ORIGIN LIMITED of P.O.BOX 12263-00100 NAIROBI, Kenya in respect to the invention disclosed in application number KE/P/2023/4532 having a date of filing of 10/05/2023 being an invention titled EXTRACTION PROCESS AND METHOD MAKING HYDROLYSED SILK SERICIN SOAP

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