Outreach Activities

Professor Jaoko Featured in The Star

Member of the Department Prof. Walter Jaoko was featured on The Star where he spoke on why the COVID-19 Omicron variant may actually be a good news.

He highlighted how the variant did not as appear to be as lethal as Delta but aired on the side of caution due to current unknowns. The full article can be read here

Veterinarian & PhD Researcher Dr. Mbaire Chuhu Featured On The Daily Nation

Veterinarian, epidemiologist and PhD Student Veronicah Mbaire Chuchu recently wrote an article for The Nation on the infectious disease rabies.

In the article, Dr. Chuchu emphasises the importance of a coordinated effort from the government, private sector and the community in the control and eradication of the disease. She highlighted vaccines which are still the most successful public health intervention of all time and can be used for both animals and humans to stop rabies spread. You can read more about this from the link below

National Leadership Forum

Member of the Department and Director of KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research Prof. Walter Jaoko was a panelist at the Nation Leadership Forum on the 23rd of September 2021.

As a panelist he discussed RADA-UoN, a student Mobile App used by students to address health and wellness issues. He also reiterated that HIV remains a major concern in the continent with a third of new transmissions taking place within the 15-24 years age group.