Policy Brief: Diagnostic Stewardship A Clinicians Handbook on Appropriate use of Microbial Diagnostic Tests

Members of the Department of Medical Microbiology participated in the authoring of Diagnostic Stewardship: A Clinicians Handbook on Appropriate use of Microbial Diagnostic Tests in conjunction with the Ministry of Health (MoH) Kenya.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an increasing global threat that calls for collaborative action among various stakeholders in the health sector.  

Kenya has been at the forefront of the global fight against antimicrobial resistance. Following alarming rates of antimicrobial resistance in both human and animal health, the Global Action Plan on AMR was adopted in 2015 after the World Health Assembly, the FAO Governing Conference and the World Assembly of OIE Delegates agreed to jointly combat AMR. Member states committed to develop national actions plans on AMR consistent with the Global Action Plan.  

In 2014 the National Antimicrobial Stewardship Advisory Committee was formed to coordinate the AMR agenda. Their efforts culminated in the development of the AMR Policy and National Action Plan (NAP).  

The NAP is anchored on the following key strategic objectives: to improve awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance; to strengthen knowledge through surveillance and research; to reduce the incidence of infection; to optimize the use of antimicrobial agents; and to ensure sustainable investment in countering antimicrobial resistance.  

In order to support AMR surveillance and ensure the most appropriate choice of antibiotics for patients, it is essential that clinical teams work closely with laboratory teams to ensure optimal use of microbiology services.   

The Clinicians handbook on diagnostic stewardship will go a long way in guiding clinical teams on appropriate sample collection for microbiology and enhance the processing, reporting and interpretation of bacteriology results, ultimately improving patient outcomes. 


You can read the entire Clinicians Handbook here

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